Independence Again

Independence Again provides a therapeutically beneficial sober living home to help our residents re-establish their life in a way that breaks down barriers and provides solutions to problems that seem overwhelming. This process allows residents to complete tasks that would otherwise be impossible all while working, attending meetings, treatment, complying with medical/legal and social obligations. Independence Again offers our residents a place to call home while developing healthy boundaries and repairing the past through the support of professionals and those who have gone before us. Most adults who arrive at our doors bring with them a unique path; some of unimaginable trauma whereas others have simply continued to use despite negative consequences and know that support is their best chance of getting and staying in recovery. We provide a service for the 75% of individuals who found 28-day treatment or institutions did not work well for them. We help by filling the void in a safe and secure environment that is warm and welcoming to all.

Lynda Loftis
Repairing the Past with Support