Homeless Crisis
Jimmy Hallyburton | Community Bicycle Program
Cory Rodriguez | Veterans' Support
Martin Flaherty | Homeless Outreach
Anthony Alvarado | Addiction & Recovery
Morgan DeCarl | Helping the Unhoused
Jason Nye | Supporting Workers
Theresa Hart | Fighting For Veterans
Lee Burton | Empowering Youth
Bart Cochran | Poverty Awareness
Andi Overton | Student Homelessness
Anne Best | Domestic Violence Victims
Jessica Root | Feeding the Homeless
Jodi Peterson-Stigers | Homeless Care and Support
Jason Billester | Faith Based Homeless Support
Candice Hanson | Providing a Home
Jessica Lawson | Ending Homelessness
Sharee Sheets | Disaster Relief
LaQuita A. Howell | Homeless Center
Darryl Burgan | Helping the Homeless
Ashley Bennett | Student Homelessness
Darcy Phillips | Affordable Housing
Tim Flaherty | A Homeless Crisis
Sarah Reser | Helping Hands
Frances Robin | Mother's In Need
Jennifer Denson | Food is a human right
Cindy Wood | Sheltering Families
Jennifer Schwabauer | No person should ever go hungry
Annemarie Landry | Housing the Homeless
Erik de Buhr | Providing Safe Spots
Tim Flaherty | Homeless Support
Ann Sobel | Break the Poverty Cycle
Robin Britt | Stronger Together
Sister Peg Spindler, CSA | One Woman, One Family at a Time
MaryLynn Hinde | Forgotten Children
Rob Scheer | A Bag of Comfort