Family Promise of North Idaho

Twelve years ago, my husband and our kids, ages 2 and 4, volunteered to bake Papa Murphy’s for three homeless families of Family Promise at our home congregation. It was just us, sharing a meal with people we did not know. We provided the basic need of food, and our presence at the building meant they had shelter. We stayed the night on the floor of the church library. The three families had their own rooms converted from Sunday school classrooms for the week. That night, the kids ran and played with glee. The parents were tired. It was then that I realized the impact of ‘just being there with compassion was life-giving. Not only was this good for me to see, but it was also exactly what I wanted my children to see: relationships without conditions, just human dignity. I was hooked. Fast forward to today: I am the opening Executive Director of Family Promise of North Idaho, celebrating 10 years of sheltering children and their families together, utilizing a network of congregations for the overnight shelter. Providing hope, strengthening families, and sharing this pocket of inspiration with others is my passion.

Candice Hanson
Providing a Home