Alternate Therapies
Debbie Oborn | Equine Therapy
Olivia Longo | Friendship for All
Sara Jones | Adaptive Horseback Riding
Katelyn Hart | Healing Children
Sandi DeVries | Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Mary Anne Neiner | Emotional Rewards
Victoria Baker | Therapeutic Riding
Laurie Aikins | Supporting Athletes
Claire Hudson | Promoting Food Justice
Regan Mays | Ride On
Gayle Strack | Supporting Our Warriors
Randy Lung | Dive Into Help
Sandi DeVries | Riding with Purpose
Darcy Woessner | From Horse to Heart
Dan Buckwald | Breaking the Cycle
Sara Jones | Riding Rehabilitation
Lea Brayton | Animal Welfare
Mary Vardi | Healing Horsemanship
Paula Snook | Positive Ridership
Nancy Williquette | Thoroughbred Therapy
Wendy Marr | Therapeutic Horsemanship
Bobbie Abell | Offer Riding To Special Children
Sarah Hill | Giving Abused Women Freedom
Magda Stewart | Survivors Of Traumatic Crisis
Kathleen Wachter | Activities For The Disabled
Barbara Tomlinson | Children With Special Needs
Kathleen Wachter | Lives Changed Through Horses
Leslie Warner | Life & Confidence Skills