4H Therapeutic Riding Program

Frederick County 4H Therapeutic Riding Program has been providing  horseback riding lessons and equestrian activities to  Frederick County residents  with medically certified mental, physical and/or emotional disabilities for more than 33 years. More than 60 students ride for one hour per week for seven weeks during the spring and fall.  Summer classes and private lessons are also available. Our program’s 20 horses and ponies, many donated because they have health issues that end their previous careers as show horses, trail companions, racing, etc.  are our true therapists.  Our equine therapists provide an opportunity for our riders to build the “I Can Do It Attitude” by learning basic horsemanship skills; improving muscle tone, balance and posture. Lessons incorporate education, socialization, recreation and therapy. We have no paid staff. Many volunteers work as barn crew, horse leaders and side walkers. Other volunteers school horses, write grants, coordinate volunteers, fund raise, and do office work necessary to run the program. The annual budget of $100,000 is met through donations from individuals, corporations, civic organizations and fund raisers.



Kathleen Wachter
Activities For The Disabled