Trauma Intervention Prevention

The Southwest Riverside Chapter is a dedicated group of typical everyday citizens helping everyday citizens in traumatic crises. Our group of helpful, supportive volunteers is here to serve the needs of anyone when requested by any first responder, hospital personnel, paramedic, or coroner’s office to bring emotional first aid to survivors, friends, and family in crisis. A major reason for the TIP Program, is to prevent what mental health professionals call the “Second Injury.” The Second Injury is a victim’s perspective that the emergency system did not provide the support needed after a tragic event. Three Examples of Second Injuries 1) An elderly gentleman, whose wife was hit and killed in a crosswalk, was not informed why she was left in the street for hours. To this day, the husband is still angry at “the system.” 2) After a young man killed himself, his family was left to clean the bloody scene on their own. To this day, they wonder “why didn’t anyone help us with this awful task?” 3) After a mother of four died in an emergency department, her family felt pressed by busy hospital staff into choosing a mortuary. To this day, the family regrets the hurried decision they made. These are just a sample of the terrible things that can happen to victims in the aftermath of a tragic event.

Magda Stewart
Survivors Of Traumatic Crisis