Winner Update: Newby-Ginnings

I wanted to tell you what the $9,000 that we got last year, what impact that has had. We just acquired as of September 1st, we just acquired an additional 3,500 square feet of storage and staging space. We have now over 2,500 families enrolled in our program. You have definitely made an impact. New Beginnings doesn’t receive any grants. We don’t have any federal funding or state funding or city funding or anything like that. We are 100% dependent on donations and fundraisers on this community. We are supported 100% by this community and by you. If you want to know what impact your money has had, I don’t think I could tell you. It is beyond my words. It’s probably … It has impacted the lives of probably a few thousand people to an extent that we will never truly understand.

Theresa Hart
Giving Vets A New Start

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