Suicide Prevention Action Network

Span of North Idaho a nonprofit 501(c) (3), is a group of volunteers who meets monthly to create awareness about suicide prevention. We do this through suicide prevention education to our community and to our health providers.  We provide resources and support to those who have lost loved ones to suicide.  We look at data and work to prevent suicide based on that data. The SPAN volunteer members include: School counselors, nurses, the deputy coroner, crisis center staff, Kootenai Behavioral health staff, social workers, mental health providers, social workers, law enforcement, Heritage Health staff, Panhandle Health District staff, Health and Welfare counselors, chaplains, survivors and concerned citizens.  What this group of individuals has in common is the caring and will to make a difference. The SPAN members suicide prevention and support work is centered around the following goals: Public Awareness, Anti-Stigma, Education, Behavioral Health Professional Readiness, Community Involvement, Access to Care, Survivor Support, Data.

Don Duffy
Awareness and Prevention