Winner Update: MS South Canterbury

We are very privileged at MS South Canterbury to be the first recipients of the Impact Club’s donation. Just today we had a story about a young woman with MS who is living on Wheetabix and three minute noodles. She can’t afford to feed herself. One of the things about any disease is about good nutrition. With your money, we have set up an emergency fund to purchase food for those people who need good nutrition. We’re also going to use your funds for anybody with MS in South Canterbury who is interested in doing a politic course or Outward Bound course, or something like that, something that’s going to change their lives. So it’s about empowering them to do what they can. So a huge thank you to you guys, what a great concept this is. And again, I just say, thank you.

Tony Kerr
ImpactClub® South Canterbury

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