Winner Update: Create A Common Good

Since we saw you last in December, we got to serve four women escaping domestic violence, breaking the cycle of abuse for eight young children. We got to serve two fathers who are establishing a new life for themselves and six children and two wives and in a new country. We got to work with two young women who were struggling to find job training and find employment, due to mental disabilities. And this is the one that’s gonna make me cry. But one young man, named Ben, who at 29 is overcoming a lifetime of abuse and neglect and poverty, living in a shelter, with pretty much no hope for his future, came to us and we were able to provide him with a space of empowerment, and respect, and the skills and the tools that he needed to make a huge change in his life. And he is thriving right now, and at graduation day last week, he said what he gained from create common good, was happiness and hope and that’s hope for a future, that’s hope for his future children, or his future wife. It’s hope for all of us. So thank you so much for your investment.

Erin McCandless
ImpactClub® Boise

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