Heart of the Cumberland

Grief affects each of us differently and surpasses all boundaries. Grief will touch each one of us at some point in our life and many, if not all, will experience some type of loss in our life. We provide services for grief (death – natural, suicide, murder, early infant, homicide) and loss (divorce, divorce of parents, incarcerated family members, deployment for service, deportation of illegal immigrants, foster care placement, and living with grandparents). So many life situations leave individuals paralyzed with emotional pain and fear but as they learn quality coping skills, they can learn to navigate through this maze of emotions and become all they desire to become. We provide a safe place for people to share openly about their feelings, utilizing art and coping skill techniques to promote hope and healing. We have 2 divisions: Journey of Hope (school based and government acceptable programs) and Christ Centered (churches and other religious organizations). We help individuals walk through emotions of loneliness, guilt, regret, fear, anger, unforgiveness and more. We provide a safe place in an understanding environment where support can be given and individuals learn empathy for one another.

Debbie Handlson
Guidance Through Grief