Winner Update: L.I.F.E. Food Pantry

The last donation was really more huge than the people that made the donation possible can imagine. One of the things we’re lacking in our budget is a lot of money for fresh produce and fresh dairy. We were able to buy a lot more produce and a lot more dairy than we typically could, fresh corn, fresh potatoes, fresh beans. The clients were so thrilled, and so beyond happy that I was able to go back to the board and say, “See, see what happens? If I could do this all the time, then we’re going to expand the nutrition for these families. It’s going to make it so much better.” And because of the generosity of the IMPACTCLUB, the board said, “Yeah, we’ll give you more money. You can do that.” It was remarkable, so thank you very, very, very much. And we still always accept contributions.

Linda Bergholz
Providing Provisions

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