City Gospel Mission

City Gospel Mission has been helping people in Greater Cincinnati to break the cycle of poverty and despair since 1924, when it was founded by James Gamble of Procter & Gamble. Each year, they help 3,500 at-risk youth among the 10,000 people they serve. From tutoring to mentoring, from basketball to ballet, each of their 9 youth initiatives has the same goal: lasting life transformation. City Gospel Mission is driven by 2,500 volunteers who are at the heart of life change that happens every day, whether it’s helping children, the homeless, the addicted or the unemployed. The organization equips volunteers to go deeper with people in need by using a mentoring approach across all its initiatives. 94 years of experience has shown that a consistent, caring relationship – especially in the lives of our most vulnerable children – makes all the difference.

Barry Baker
Inspiring Hope and Change