Winner Update: James Storehouse

160 children were rescued in the middle of the night by social workers, and you helped us provide emergency resources for them in the middle of the night. Clothing, shoes, undergarments, a backpack with school supplies because they have to go to school the next day. Everything they need to be provided for them, so they can feel comforted and loved during a very traumatic time in their lives.

About 160 of those were cared for in a loving way thanks to your partnership. You also helped us to set up 13 apartments for aged-out foster youth. So they don’t have family to help them set up their first place. Most of them have never been in a proper living situation in the first place. So when they turn 18, they don’t have anyone or anything. Most become homeless the day they turn 18.

But we were able to go in and with your help, set up their apartments and help them transition to a successful life. So thank you for partnering with us in that way.

So this quarter since I was here, we were able to help, with your participation, 923 children in Conejo Valley to have emergency resources and to be placed into safe and loving homes. You guys make a huge impact. Thank you.

Stacy Dewitt
From Cribs to College

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