The Coeur Group

The Coeur Group was established in February 2004 and consists of a collection of young businessmen in the Coeur d’Alene area representing various industries in the community. Since creation, the Coeur Group has donated thousands of hours to local causes, including projects for schools, non-profit organizations and charities. We are proud of all of our past and current projects, including the Locker Program and playground equipment install at The Children’s Village. Since 2004 the Coeur Group’s Locker Program has been constructing custom cabinet systems at schools around Kootenai County at no cost to the school or district. Recipient schools receive $2,000 of seed money to stock the newly constructed Locker with items most needed for students at each school. While the program has been popular and well received, the need to support the most disadvantaged students doesn’t end there. In order to maintain inventory in Lockers, counselors and administrators often procure used items, purchase essentials with money out of their own pocket, or are forced to turn away children looking for basic necessities. The Delivering Necessities Program is intended to address this challenge by working directly with school staff to provide funds and items for their Lockers on an ongoing basis.

Paula Lyon
Providing to Causes