Winner Update: Food to the Rescue

First let me say thank you again. It was a huge deal for us to get to split … I mean it’s a huge donation regardless, so being able to split almost $10,000 gave us $5,000 to work with. This past year … For some of you that don’t know what we do, I’m with Food to the Rescue. Food to the Rescue is a local nonprofit that feeds children during school breaks.

What those meals include are like all ready to eat meals for the kids, so if they’re on fall break and they’re alone by themselves they’re able to serve themselves, which is a huge deal. But I’ll tell you a little bit about how fall break went and then I’ll tell you what we’re looking forward to for Christmas break as well.

Like I said, we’ve got over 430 students this past time, and that’s 140 different families in Putnam County. Since I was here last we were able to add a Monterrey specific coordinator, because Monterrey is one of our largest areas that have food insecurities. Monterrey alone is a quarter of our population, even though they definitely don’t make up a quarter of Putnam County’s population.

We’ve had tons of churches partner with us and different organizations because they were able to meet so many of you guys here during the last meeting. During Christmas break, we’re hoping to use some of the funds that were left over from our fall break to provide Christmas breakfast for the kids and a Christmas cookie. We have a local banker who has donated her services at cost for us to be able to get Christmas cookies for all the kids on our program.

Also we’re going to hopefully be able to give them a milk and then like a breakfast type item like a cinnamon roll or something that will be specific to the children. That will be like wrapped for Christmas and like say save till Christmas, because what is Christmas without Christmas cookies, right?

The other thing that we’ll be doing going into Christmas break is we’re going to be adding another 160 students from another organization that wants to cease operations, so we are adding more kids and have lots of things to do, but we just so appreciate your giving and everything that you guys did.

It was so awesome, because we didn’t have to worry about fundraising in the middle of our season. Thank you guys.

Katelyn Steakley
No Hungry Child Left Behind

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