Community For Heroes

I served in the United States Navy for 10 years, doing several tours Iraq and Afghanistan a few other places. When I returned from Afghanistan I was diagnosed with PTSD. I was in disbelief that the upstanding leader I had once been was no longer there. Shortly thereafter, I found myself being discharged from the Navy. I quote,”You no longer fit the needs of the Navy”. To me it was the same as being told I was useless, broken and no good. I came back home where my family supported me. I had more support than most but still had several ups and downs. Between the nightmares, lack of sleep, and short temper with my family, stress was always getting worse. Soon after, I moved to a new home, Duck Creek RV. I saw a sense of community from the veteran residents in the RV park and could see how the comradery greatly improved their everyday lives. I came up with the beginning concept they would eventually lead to Community For Heroes. After much thought, I finally decided to quit my job to pursue my dream. I believe that the community can change lives for the better.

Josh Pack
A Home for Heroes

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