Winner Update: A.S.F

My name is Polly, this is my husband Joe. We are the founders of the Anna Schindler Foundation. And, what we do is, wrap every pediatric oncology family that’s diagnosed in the Northwest, in love and support.

Our story starts when our 6-year-old little girl was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer, and she battled for five months with chemotherapy, several surgeries and Jesus took her by the hand, June 2010. We knew from our experience that you don’t leave the journey and not learn from it. So, we started the Anna Schindler Foundation in 2011, to give love forward like we had been given love during Anna’s treatment.

Last month, the Impact Club, every single one of you that is wearing a shirt or not, that donated to the Impact … Donated your money. Have been a huge blessing for the families. Since your $11,200.00 donation combined, we’ve been able to buy meal cards for every family that’s been in-patient at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. The children’s meals are covered but, the parents are not. As a parent, imagine your child going through chemotherapy, you don’t want to leave the hospital. You don’t want to go leave and go get food. So, that is something that we provide, that you have provided for them. Every family gets a meal card.

Many of these families, one parent has to quit work because, initial diagnosis is usually, six weeks in the hospital, depending on the diagnosis. So, they do not … They can’t work. You’re focused on your kiddo. So, the bills keep coming in, those don’t stop. So, we are able to assist with the utility bills, rent bills, car payments, you name it. Just within the last week, we’ve helped bury a child because, the family didn’t have enough money to do burial costs.

So, pretty much, anything you can imagine when a child’s going through diagnosis and treatment. We assist with. So, I want to ‘thank you’ for your donations. Don’t ever second guess what your $100 or $200 does because of the Impact Club, it’s made a huge difference, right here in the Northwest and, you’re a blessing. We can’t thank you enough but, I feel blessed that I was able to come here and ‘thank’ all of you. I would love to thank and give you each a hug for what you’ve done.

So, thank you.

Polly Schnidler
ImpactClub® Coeur D'Alene

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