Winner Update: Catch a Lift Fund

Thanks to you guys and all the money that you have donated, I created actually a weekend out of all the money, which I had the community sponsor. Which, thank you, because that was the first time I actually got out into my community and was able to meet the people, because it forced me to do that and I would have never done that. I actually got the whole weekend, it was a three-day event, sponsored by the community and all your funds went directly to sponsor the combat-wounded vets and their caregivers.

I had a three-day event, they were housed at Pechanga for three days because I didn’t want them to have an excuse, once they went home, that they were too tired or too sore. I made sure I was there in the lobby, 6:00 every morning, saying, “Let’s go.” We did three workouts a day, every day. We actually, on the last day, we did the Hero WOD, to honor the founder’s brother and we had several members come out and we did the Hero WOD and we had the police officers come out and they did it with us. And we had the Honor Guard come out and sing the national anthem, so that was very special to us.

At the end of it all, I actually raised $25,000 and we were able to sponsor 20 vets and their caregivers. Thanks to you guys and all the funds that you’ve donated, the money has gone directly to them, and each member, the week after they arrived home they received their equipment. And that being said, when we were out, we had a night to raise more funds at Ballast Point, and that night we had veterans come in who said, “I’ve been on the waiting list for two years.” And then we turned around and we were able to raise enough money for that night to say, “You’re taken care of.” Within one week they all had their gym equipment and they’re all on track, and they all wanted to say thank you. And I have pictures and videos and everything that I would be happy to send you guys, of them with their gym equipment, working out to this day, thanks to you guys. So, thank you.

Sarah Rudder
Helping our Heroes

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