Junior Amateur Golf Scholars (JAGS)

Junior Amateur Golf Scholars “JAGS” is a 501 c 3 non-profit for public benefit organization formed in the year 2000. JAGS hosted nationally ranked golf tournaments helping junior golfers receive a higher education through the game of golf. JAGS served over 5,000 junior golfers with all net proceeds donated back for college scholarships, golf equipment, golf lessons, golf camps, entry fees and travel/hotel vouchers totaling over $75,000.00. Just two people working hard making sure kids had every opportunity to succeed regardless of their parent’s ability to pay. In 2013, Co-Founder John Warren was diagnosed with Lung Cancer from Agent Orange exposure when he served as a US Navy Lt., River Boat Commander, Div. 543 in Vietnam. Unfortunately, Mr. Warren passed away on Thanksgiving, 2014, leaving his wife and son to continue his legacy through JAGS. JAGS has hosted three charity golf tournaments in his memory with the fourth tournament scheduled on August 25, 2018. All proceeds are donated back for Scholarships, Veterans, Active Military Families, First Responders, Hospice Care, Senior Citizens, Tiffany’s Gift, Decorated Christmas Trees, Domestic Violence Victims, Hometown Happiness, Murrieta Food Pantry, Autism Awareness, Children’s Cancer Research totaling $42,792.00 benefiting those in need in the Murrieta Temecula Valley.

Cindy Warren
For the Love of the Game