skills development
Donna Kovaleski | Cultural Integration
Tammy Johnson | Teen Skills Development
Lila Cabrera | Literacy Education
Michael Planz | Adults with Disabilities
Jeff Middleton | Substance Abuse Recovery
Luis Granados | Mentoring At-Risk Youth
Kevin Blackburn | Teaching Life Skills
Riley Yake | Developing Math Skills
Jessica Ahrenholtz | Tech for Non-Profits
Cyndy Radovich | Employment Opportunities
Sally Crockett | Breaking Barriers
Maria Herrera | Family Advocacy
Lillian Kurek | Refugee Support
Lisa Tatina | Keeping Adults Active
Tristan Hite | Children Advocates
Marisa Tordella | Helping Women
Jessica Ahrenholtz | Skills Development
Sandi DeVries | Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Mary Anne Neiner | Emotional Rewards
Tammy Johnson | Transforming Lives
Barbara Thompson | Building a Heritage Center
Claire Hudson | Promoting Food Justice
Aje Hill | Giving Hope to Youth
Jim Evangelista | An alternative approach to education
Denise Babjak | Child Development
Robin Sizemore | Helping Those in Need
Regan Mays | Ride On
Rose van Wier Hein | Golden Heart Heroes
Kari Galloway | Women Support
Michael Planz | Support, Guide, and Empower
Derek LeBlanc | Firearm Safety
Debbie Keener | Positive Parenting
Lenny Simpson | Life Skills Through Tennis
Mary Anne Neiner | Fulfilling Goals
Diane Roland | Coaching Adults how to Succeed