Sweet Zolas LLC

Sweet Zola’s employs individuals with disabilities, providing them on-the-job training as well as on-site therapy. Sweet Zola’s is one of the few companies in Idaho exclusively hiring employees with disabilities, providing them opportunities, job training, and societal inclusion. Traditional state support for those working with disabilities (Medicaid and Vocational Rehabilitation) does not provide the therapeutic approach that Sweet Zola’s does, making this a unique and needed resource for those with disabilities. Sweet Zola’s is helping to normalize the employment of those with disabilities for Idaho community members and businesses alike. Individuals are able to interact with the employees in the store and become more aware of the abilities of those with disabilities. This can help break down stigmas and combat discrimination, fostering a more supportive, inclusive employment atmosphere for those with disabilities. Sweet Zola’s motto “Candy for Inclusion”, aims to fulfill the goals of the ADA, and to overcome the harrowing statistics mentioned above.

Cyndy Radovich
Employment Opportunities