Community Living

Community Living is a nonprofit that supports people who have Down syndrome, autism, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. We serve only adults, which makes us unique in our field. Though many people assume children with ID/DD are most in need of support, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, as children get older, their needs tend to increase. We are here to provide the support the people we serve need to live full, independent lives. From providing housing to running a retirement program and everything in between, we support people of all ability levels and medical needs. We are here to support, guide and empower. In a world that still misunderstands and stigmatizes intellectual and developmental disabilities, we aim to advocate, educate, and be a force for understanding and growth within our community. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute and feel like a part of the community, and we are happy to help make that a reality for the people we support.

Michael Planz
Support, Guide, and Empower