Winner Update: Whole Heart Center

The Whole Heart Grief and Life Resource Center is a place where we help people with the issues of life and loss. When we say loss to people and we say grief, they always think about death. And I always say well, that is a part of it. It is not all of it.

I want to tell you what your money went towards. First of all, since I saw you last, there are 108 people who got one-on-one coaching services because of the work that you do. What we created was a special program that we call the VIP Impact Preview. And what it is, is people who are in positions of influence, leaders, come in and it’s a three hour session where they get a chance to learn how to help others. Just a short preview, but more important than that, they understand that there is some brokenness within them oftentimes that needs to be helped.

For that first preview, we had 24 people go through it. And I can you as one who facilitated, I saw people who cried about issues for the first time that hadn’t cried in many years. So that VIP Impact will forever be named for the people in this room because you are helping us to help others.

Denise Rollins
Hope and Life Through Loss

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