Winner Update: The Speedy Foundation

Thank you so much for the funds that you guys contributed. When I spoke in September at the Reef, the day after our other facility had a little fire. I’m so thankful that we were selected. I was on the verge of canceling a training that we had coming up and that training was the collective assessment and management of suicidality. Idaho had never had a training of that sort before. And your funds helped allow people to get a taste of how to address suicidality for clinicians. And today, Idaho State University held that same training in Pocatello and in Meridian. So things are starting to change and that’s because of the generosity that you guys bestowed upon us. So thank you very much. I wanted to let you know that the other half of the funding, we’ve only used half of it, the rest of the funding will be used in 2019 on two things. One is to bring an author in to Idaho and take him on a campaign throughout the state to speak with students and to speak with community members on adverse childhood experiences and trauma. His name is Matthew Johnstone, he is an incredible author and illustrator from the continent of Australia where they’re progressive in their mental health capacity and suicide prevention efforts. And the other piece that we’ll be spending that funding on is to help promote PTSD legislation, as first responders in our state are not covered under worker’s compensation with PTSD. And so we’ll be helping to move the ball on that. So, again, thank you very much for everything that you guys have accomplished and lent to us.

Shannon Decker
Mental Health Matters

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