Winner Update: The Children’s Village

So, what’s been happening for us in the last few years is we have become a trauma informed care facility. Now we’re better understanding the impacts of childhood trauma, and understanding what these children need through this counseling center, we’re able to give them more therapy and care. And then additionally, we’re going to be able to provide training and education for the parents, for the biological parents whenever that’s appropriate. And for adopted parents and for foster parents as well. We did a custom work of art to recognize all of our donors, so thank you for that support and for caring for this community. So, each and everyone of you that has helped us in helping many others, I just want you to know we couldn’t do this kind of work without you. Each and everyone of us. From Matt’s Place, and new beginnings, and many others that have benefited from what you guys are doing here. Really, really are truly making an impact in this community. For your guys support, and this community support, we wouldn’t be able to do this kind of work. So, again, just thank you, and know that you’re having a huge impact here.

Mark Wilson
Sheltering Love

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