Winner Update: The Carsyn Neille Foundation

As you see, this is Carsyn’s, one of Carsyn’s older sisters. I was here back in April, and I’m so grateful for you guys. No, I won’t stage cry. So of course you guys all raised and donated $12,000 to our organization. We are the Carsyn Neille Foundation, and we design sustainable non-toxic rooms for kids with cancer.

We go into their homes, redesign their bedrooms, and just give them space so that they can thrive. A lot of people think that kids with cancer stay in the hospital. They don’t. They go home, and they fight for their lives.

Since April, we’ve been able to install three rooms for the children. Our rooms cost anywhere from $6,500 to $8,500, and I know you’re like, well of course, kids’ bedrooms, but yes. Everything we install in the bedrooms are 100% organic, sustainable, and really expensive.

But like I said, it contributes to their thrivorship, from the paint, to the flooring, to the homemade stain we’ve made to put together, to the doors we make, everything just costs. And so thank you guys. We’ve completed three rooms with two more that we will be able to complete because of you guys and our Comfort Creators. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kia Davis
Creators of Comfort

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