Winner Update: Shelter Hope Pet Shop

Thank you guys for having me back. First of all, the money that I got from you, half of it went to three different vets in the Conejo Valley, veterinarians, and the other half went to Vinyl Concepts, and we bought new fencing, and staged three areas in our shop to house more dogs, which really came in handy because the night of the fires we had to evacuate a facility called Camp Bow Wow in Agora. We took not only our own dogs from there, but many other dogs, brought them back to the shop, and by the time we got back to the Janss Marketplace where our shop is, there were people in the parking lot with their pets having nowhere to go.We  loaded all of them up into the shop, filled up those pens that you helped us buy, and then within a few hours hundreds of animals and people showed up. We got the mall owner who has owned that mall for 20 years. He opened up two vacant spaces in the mall, and we set them up as evacuation centers. We were so blessed to have this community always step up, and you guys are so generous. What you do here to help people like the people that needed help that night is just amazing, and I feel really blessed that I became part of this family here. I really thank you for that.

Kim Sill
Connecting Pets & People

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