Winner Update: Rising Above Ministries

When we received the votes last time, and we were the first Impact Club winners, I just cannot tell you what that did for us, as a ministry. For those of you who were not here, I’m with Rising Above Ministries, and we are an outreach ministry to the special needs community.

With the money that you guys blessed Rising Above with, we just recently got to move to a new facility. We can have a place now, where our special needs families come to our office, all throughout the week.

But I think the thing that winning Impact did for us, more than anything, was for those of you were here, I’d shared that my husband, who was the Executive Director of Rising Above, and President and Co-Founder, had passed away. But because of your giving, and because of your support, it gave us that boost to know, “Keep going.”

Thank you so much, for pouring and Rising Above, we’re continuing, we’ve got big events planned for 2018, I cannot wait.

Becky Davidson
ImpactClub® Highlands

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