Winner Update: Platoon 22

I wanted to share a quote so that you understood exactly what your money did.

“After two days of working with them and my horse, Bob, I was able to remove the cloud from my mind that kept me from progressing to a long desired place of peace. I was able to tear down my defenses and truly make real progress for the first time in years. It was the rest that I needed. I have already begun implementing everything I learned during my time there as I navigate my personal relationships with my family, friends, and colleagues. If you are a veteran looking to improve the quality of your relationships and wish to learn how to stay in the moment or simply need an escape, this program was built for you.

As a combat veteran, I can attest to how difficult it is to find a professional that truly understands and empathizes with the condition that someone like us who have endured the loneliness and combat stress from post-traumatic stress. Platoon 22’s horse experience is the answer to that problem. These people represent the heart and soul of America. They are the personification of everything I’ve fought for. Give them your trust, and they can give you your life back. Thank you for helping Platoon 22 save lives. Your impact was made.”

Thank y’all so very much. Because of y’all, they didn’t have to go on drugs. We were able to get them taken care of. Keep doing what you’re doing.


Danny Farrar
Safe Haven for Heroes

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