Winner Update: OCJ Kids

I’m with OCJ Kids, which stands for Opportunity Community and Justice for Kids. We work with the local foster care system, DCS. We make kits for the kids when they get picked up out of the homes that have hygiene kit, socks, underwear, pajamas, pillow, blanket, just essential needs for when they get picked up from the home.

We also work with the kids that age out of foster care, independent living kids basically, some of the essentials. When they turn 18, they can’t stay in the foster care system any longer, and so we help get them supplies for their home like pots and pans and just all the basic needs that you need when you move into a home, bath mats and stuff like that.

Since we received the Impact money since last visit, we’ve made 55 kinship kits and five independent living kits, made something like 48 pillows since then. We have welcome kits to go into the transition houses, which are modern day orphanages, and so those have large supplies of shampoo and conditioner and all the essentials there as well. We’ve made about 10 of those since I was last here. Thank you for the donation. It will go a long ways for the kids.

April Hann
Justice for Kids

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