Winner Update: NICK

So I think what I mentioned last time when I competed, I thank you again for selecting us, is that we have no box. Whatever our families need is what we try and provide. So about 20 months ago, we paid a $75 application fee to an organization called ICAN, which is an organization out of Indianapolis that sends dogs to be trained at the prisons. The prisoners are trained to train the dogs to be service dogs, but there is a two to four year wait for one of these dogs. So I wanted to introduce you to Michael. Michael is almost 11 years old, and he has been with us for seven years after his second bout of Medulla Blastoma, which is a pretty nasty brain tumor. He is pretty much nonverbal, and probably has the skills and the mentality of about a three or four year old. He talks a little bit. He’s losing his sight. He has lost much of his hearing. And so we started digging again, because now we had a little bit of money, and we found an organization in Plymouth, Indiana that was only $9000 for a service dog. And so this is Michael and this is Biscuit. Michael got to name him. He just started training this week and he will be ready to go to Michael. And we are gonna pick up almost half the bill of that. So there’s some other fundraisers going on for him, but we are able to comfortably now pick up half the bill for Biscuit. And he will be trained. He will be able to go to school with Michael. He will be able to go to the hospital with Michael, who has a panic attack in the parking garage. So, he will be certified, Biscuit.  And if you know anything about children’s books, Biscuit is a series of books, and Michael loves Biscuit, so he named him Biscuit. And so we’re super excited. He’ll be trained to stay on Michael’s right hand side, so he will quit running into walls and whatnot. So we’re super excited that you guys enabled us to give this gift to Michael. So, thank you.


Donna Criner
Courage And A Cure

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