Winner Update: Million Kids

So I work with the Riverside County Sheriff Department. I am the trainee and outreach coordinator for the Riverside County anti human trafficking task force. Literally right here in Riverside County we have over 160 open cases. We had one case out a Hemet that had 120 victims, most of them were under the age of 18. So this is a very important thing that we deal with. We talk about human trafficking, sextortion, that is blackmail with a photo, and then we also talk about social media exploitation and child pornography. So for the last eight years I have been going into schools and talking about it. So we’re seeing is a major because of gangs, number one, and because of social media. What is happening is, next year will be a historic moment in everybody’s life. For the first time in all of history, the entire world will be connected by internet. That has never happened before. Literally a kid’s … For the first time in history, your kids will be the leaders of the generation that will lead all other generations in how to stay safe on the internet. How to use technology with respect and responsibility. And so what your money helped me to do is give that information to your local schools. I literally have gone into 20 schools. We explained to them about encrypted messaging, and bitcoin, and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. And I’m gonna tell you that if you talk to kids they will listen. I also train their staff and I trained 6,000 in 20 schools. I trained eight schools where I trained 1,400 staff and so what you will see there is that once they’re out there, we begin to get the cases. And this is how its happening and the reason we have a 160 cases. But that’s important because we got to draw to out. More important I want your kids to understand how this works so they don’t get violated.

Opal Singleton
Keeping Kids Safe From Predators

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