Winner Update: Daily Bowl

We looked at a problem of food wasted in the Tri City. And on the other hand there is serious hunger in the community, and we started to marry the problem of waste to the problem of hunger, and that’s where we are. We rescue excess food and we re-distribute to the food pantries and they in turn feed the vulnerable members of our community. November and December was our most successful. We came close to 20,000 pounds of produce in those two months. We started two years ago, and we accrued closer 250,000 pounds of produce and food, and members of the community in Fremont, Union City, Newark and Hayward are very happy. The donation we received last time from the ImpactClub®; We are using that to reach out to more businesses to donate to us. And I am happy to say that as of yesterday we signed up with another major restaurant distributor to donate excess food or the damaged food that they have and to serve the needs of the community. So thank you very much ImpactClub®. Thank you very much everybody. Good evening.

Paddy Iyer
Smart Food Distribution

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