Winner Update: Camp Journey

Hello, everyone. Like Cole said, my name’s Nick Leonard, and we were the lucky recipients of the last Impact Club, so we wanted to do a follow up, and thank you all again. We are a local summer camp here in Post Falls for children who are currently battling cancer in the Northwest. We bring kids in from four different states to attend our camp free of charge, and with your contribution, we’re able to bring more kids than ever. We have 95 signed up right now, and we’re on track to bring in 120 kids to camp this summer, and that wouldn’t be possible without clubs like you, the Impact Club.

So, you’re all here this evening. You heard three great speakers, and it truly does make a difference what you’re doing here. We have a visitor’s day during the camp, July 31st. Big barbecue and we invite all of you to come out, see the camp, tour it, and see the kids and really see your dollars at work. But, just wanted to get up here and thank you all again for your generosity last time, and to let you know that what you are doing here really is making a huge impact in our community, so thank you.

Nick Leonard
Hope & Fun For Kids

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