Winner Update: Boys & Girls Club, Emerald Valley

It’s amazing what even a small donation does to a club like us. A thousand bucks gets us 25 kids for a year to get after-school daycare. I think we got close to $8,000 that we weren’t expecting. It’s huge for us. It’s huge for any non-profit. And so we are incredibly thankful for your generosity for the opportunity to help serve our kids who really, really need the help.

The families who really appreciate what the club does, what our volunteers do, what our staff does. And it helps us provide staffing, helps us provide meals. It helps us provide scholarships to kids that maybe can’t even afford the $40. So really, really want to say thank you to you. As somebody who has benefited from the club and I know that we’re benefiting the youth in our community. Thank you for the donation. Thank you for the opportunity and I know that future non-profits are going to be super thankful for what you guys do. So thank you.

Allan Benavides
Kids on the Path to Greatness

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