Winner Update: ACTS

Well I’ll share the return on impact, because it’s been really huge. Last time we won, you voted to give us the $10,000 and what we were able to do with that money was give somebody a fabulous retirement, and really plan, and do something fabulous for the future for people who generally get nothing. Shirley was with ACTS for over twenty years. Her passion is working with people who are incarcerated, so Shirley got to retire knowing that her part-time position has been replaced with a full-time position. Her work will continue, there will still continue to be somebody working in the jail for us, and the new person is bilingual, who will be able to reach out and work with that population so much more. It gives us twenty more hours that we get to spend with people who have been abused, and assaulted, and need our love and support. She’s gonna go out on a really high note, and part of that is because of ImpactClub®, and what you’ve done for her. So thank you.

Steve Liga
Changing Lives Through Service

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