Winner Update: Arizona’s Children Association

I just want to tell you guys thank you. $10,000 goes a very, very long way. We have contracts currently with the state of Arizona, Department of Child Safety, CPS, for those that probably remember them as that; and there’s very limited funding to do the services that we do, support the foster parents with no income and so, things like this have really opened the doors to provide resources and support to our families that really need it.

They care for children 24/7, day in and day out and it’s a struggle. These children have trauma history that results in a lot of behaviors. We’re also doing something pro bono in Yuma now, thanks to … well, pro bono for these families … is Kinship Supports. So, those relatives that are caring for these grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors, teachers that are taking in their students, that are getting paid nothing, we’re offering resources and case management for them and that’s thanks to you guys, the Yuma community, Impact Club dollars, that we’re able to go out there, send some of our workers, fill their case load with these families that are trying to care for their relatives or their neighbors with little to no income.

So, thank you. You guys are truly giving hope to these children in need. We have over 400 children in foster care in Yuma alone and right now, I think there’s about 40 that are out of Yuma in congregate care. So, these funds as well are allowing us to recruit more foster families to bring those kids home; because that’s where they deserve, is to be home and to be as normal as life can be in this very traumatic situation.

Cori Rico
ImpactClub® Yuma

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