Coeur d’Alene: Donates $11,200


Through Impact Club, as Impact Venture Capitalists, we invest heavily in local charities that demonstrate a powerful “Story Engine,” and have proven their willingness to fight for their cause – by competing in and winning a high-stakes competition. As a result, Impact Club, through Impact Venture Capitalism has dramatically multiplied the Impact that a single person can have on charities in their local community.

The Charities

The Anna Schindler Foundation
Kathryn Steele
Childhood Cancer Support

The Anna Schindler Foundation (ASF) dedicates itself to providing support for pediatric oncology (childhood cancer) families in the Inland Northwest who are receiving treatment, while spreading awareness of this disease throughout the community. This support is offered via two programs: the Family Support Program and Anna’s Homes. These homes will be fully furnished, wheel-chair accessible, and will allow families to stay together and live independently during treatment. The Anna Schindler Foundation is dedicated to walk the childhood cancer journey with families.

The Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation
Liz Montgomery
SIDS Support & Awareness

The Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation is a nationally recognized non-profit dedicated to providing awareness and education on safe infant sleep practices and providing support to those who have suffered a pregnancy, infant or child loss. It is our hope that with continued education and awareness, we will see these alarming rates begin to decrease in our great State and community. It is our mission that every new parent and caregiver is educated on safe infant sleep so that every baby born in Idaho will have equal opportunity to reach their first birthday. 

Hospice of North Idaho
Kim Ransier
End Of Life Care

Hospice of North Idaho is our communities only non-profit hospice providing end of life care, education and comfort in Kootenai, Shoshone and Benewah Counties. Most Americans wish to remain in their own home as they pass through the end of life, Hospice of North Idaho facilitates this wish. We work with each patient and family to develop their own plan of care and provide education as well as peace and compassion. We are the leading source of end of life education and provide services not offered by any other agencies.