The Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation


The Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation is a nationally recognized non-profit dedicated to providing awareness and education on safe infant sleep practices and providing support to those who have suffered a pregnancy, infant or child loss. We know that for every 100,000 babies born in Idaho, 99 of them will die from a sleep related infant death and in Kootenai County, it is even more alarming with112 infants dying per 100,000 births. It is our hope that with continued education and awareness, we will see these alarming rates begin to decrease in our great State and community. It is our mission that every new parent and caregiver is educated on safe infant sleep so that every baby born in Idaho will have equal opportunity to reach their first birthday. We are working tirelessly to reach every family that has suffered the death of their baby; whether it be during pregnancy or within the first few years of life. We want them to know they are NOT alone and that we are here for support. We are prepared to provide them with referrals to resources within their community, invite them to our monthly peer-to-peer support meetings, mail out a support packet or just to lend a listening ear.

Liz Montgomery
SIDS Support & Awareness

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