The Anna Schindler Foundation


The Anna Schindler Foundation (ASF) dedicates itself to providing support for pediatric oncology (childhood cancer) families in the Inland Northwest who are receiving treatment at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, while spreading awareness of this disease throughout the community. This support is offered via two programs: the Family Support Program and Anna’s Homes. Though the Family Support program, the ASF meets both the financial and emotional needs of childhood cancer families in the form of hospital meal cards, mortgage/utility/car payments, travel costs or whatever need is incurred. Anna’s Homes will provide 4 individual family town-homes for out-of-town families receiving cancer treatment for their child at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. These homes will be fully furnished, wheel-chair accessible, and will allow families to stay together and live independently during treatment. The Anna Schindler Foundation is dedicated to walk the childhood cancer journey with families, defending the family’s quality of life and lifting the burdens that are inflicted at diagnosis.

Kathryn Steele
Childhood Cancer Support