Recent Talks
Jen Sale | Animal Rescue
Anthony Alvarado | Addiction & Recovery
Crystal Young | Adoption & Family Services
Jim Paulson | Granting Wishes
Angela Lindig | Special Needs Support
Angela Brittian | Animal Rescue
Mark Spurrier | Youth Nature Awareness
Teri Kwiatek | Fighting Addiction
Morgan DeCarl | Helping the Unhoused
Mary Savage | Childhood Cancer
Jason Nye | Supporting Workers
Eric Ladwig | Comforting Loved Ones
Tara | Music as Therapy
Kathryn Seabold | Advocating for Children
Tori Auth | Women with Cancer
Jill Krisnitsky | Addiction Recovery
Alexandra Metral | Childhood Hunger
Andre Royal | Sleep Awareness
Ali Bossard | Dog Abuse
Jennifer Brown | Helping schools
Johnny Urrutia | Veteran Support & Mental Health
Jessica Ewing | Canine rescue, Shelter animals
Marci Silva | Teen & Child emotional support
Britt Thurman | Preserving our History
Christina Roberts | Caring for Animals
Theresa Hart | Fighting For Veterans
Lee Burton | Empowering Youth
Tammy Hogan | Helping Children
Sonya (Sokay) Roshek | Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Mark Cooke | Disaster Relief
Steve Liga | Providing Shelter
Sonja Allen | Helping the Incarcerated
Tiana Massaquoi | Supporting Girls
Kris Fair | LGBTQ+ Support
Aje Hill | Youth Mentoring Program