Recent Talks
Brana Vlasic | Community Hunger
Tiffinay Walker | Last Wishes Granted
Renae Wedlake | In Home Nurse Care
Bart Cochran | Poverty Awareness
Kenton Lee | Fighting Poverty
Cyndy Radovich | Employment Opportunities
Ruth Vickers | Special Needs
Andi Overton | Student Homelessness
Jane Radack | Emergency Services
Amy Feath | Children of Abuse
Anne Best | Domestic Violence Victims
Sara Knight | Supporting Local Families
Michelle Robinson | Animal Assisted Programs
Sarah Tyndall | Children in Need
Marian Stiegler | Art Therapy for youth
Derek LeBlanc | Gun Safety For Kids
Matt Sorensen | All for the kids!
Shanna Marshall | Children's education
Sherri Richardson | Community Support
Kristin Ludwig | Fighting for children
Melissa Mitchel | Foster Care Support
Alaina Moore | Baby Diapers
Luc Swenson | Youth Anti-Bullying
Darcy Woessner | Alternative Therapies
Sally Crockett | Breaking Barriers
Jessica Root | Feeding the Homeless
Gail Cicak | Research-based Parenting
Alissa Magrum | Safety & Drowning Prevention
Kim Gorney | Helping students survive
Maria Herrera | Family Advocacy
Karen Severns | Animal Welfare
Leslie Schultz | Supporting Seniors
Denise Thomas | Kids Health
Mindy Bell | Healthy eating
David Kelly | Saving the horses!