Recent Talks
Jessica Dunn | Living Free of Violence
Frances Robin | A Place of Hope
Inga Janke | Alternative Therapies
Jill Krisnitsky | Behavioral Health
Shari Ostrow-Scher | Helping Children
Amelia Reising | Kids Education
Miriam Clark | Kids Community Service
Paula Free | Losing A Limb
Debbie Oborn | Equine Therapy
Olivia Longo | Friendship for All
Lisa Tatina | Keeping Adults Active
Diego Oliveri | Elementary School Support
Tristan Hite | Children Advocates
Candice Hanson | Providing a Home
Jill Houseer | Supporting Seniors
Karalie Deluca | Infant Trauma Support
Holly Johnson | Youth Support
Jessica Lawson | Ending Homelessness
Jennie Parkinson | A Safe Space
Angela Pollock | Making a Difference
Sharee Sheets | Disaster Relief
Marisa Tordella | Helping Women
Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle | Strengthening Communities
Kara Norman | Support Local Businesses
Sarah Lynn | Affordable Housing
Aaron Vetter | Child Advocates
Jessica Ahrenholtz | Skills Development
Matt Sorensen | Helping Children
Dan Buckwald | Helping Veterans
Denise Babjak | Youth Disability Resource
LaQuita A. Howell | Homeless Center
Kelly Vates | Woman's Support Issues
Shane Solorza | Hospitality worker support
Jewelz Becraft | Community Youth Support
Diane Samson | Pregnancy support