Anselme Sadiki | Children's Mental Health
Cara Walsh | Adoption Services & Support
Angela Abrishami | Childhood Huner
Aaron Vetter | Supporting Youth
Teresa May | Children With Dyslexia
Pat Baker | Child Development
Carrie Silver | Child Musical Support
Sherri Richardson | Helping Neighbors
Crystal Young | Adoption & Family Services
Angela Lindig | Special Needs Support
Mark Spurrier | Youth Nature Awareness
Mary Savage | Childhood Cancer
Kathryn Seabold | Advocating for Children
Alexandra Metral | Childhood Hunger
Jennifer Brown | Helping schools
Marci Silva | Teen & Child emotional support
Tammy Hogan | Helping Children
Tiana Massaquoi | Supporting Girls
Aje Hill | Youth Mentoring Program
Angela Phinney | Helping kids with disabilities
Kenton Lee | Fighting Poverty
Andi Overton | Student Homelessness
Sara Knight | Supporting Local Families
Sarah Tyndall | Children in Need
Marian Stiegler | Art Therapy for youth
Melissa Mitchel | Foster Care Support
Alaina Moore | Baby Diapers
Luc Swenson | Youth Anti-Bullying
Alissa Magrum | Safety & Drowning Prevention
Denise Thomas | Kids Health
Angie Hill | Youth Development
Christal Endler | experiential opportunities for children
Shari Ostrow-Scher | Helping Children
Amelia Reising | Kids Education