Kenton Lee | Fighting Poverty
Andi Overton | Student Homelessness
Sara Knight | Supporting Local Families
Sarah Tyndall | Children in Need
Marian Stiegler | Art Therapy for youth
Melissa Mitchel | Foster Care Support
Alaina Moore | Baby Diapers
Luc Swenson | Youth Anti-Bullying
Alissa Magrum | Safety & Drowning Prevention
Denise Thomas | Kids Health
Angie Hill | Youth Development
Christal Endler | experiential opportunities for children
Shari Ostrow-Scher | Helping Children
Amelia Reising | Kids Education
Debbie Oborn | Equine Therapy
Diego Oliveri | Elementary School Support
Tristan Hite | Children Advocates
Karalie Deluca | Infant Trauma Support
Holly Johnson | Youth Support
Jennie Parkinson | A Safe Space
Aaron Vetter | Child Advocates
Matt Sorensen | Helping Children
Kathryn Seebold | Family Advocacy & Support
Melissa Golden | Raising Awareness
Christina San Filippo | Empowering Students
Scott Davidson | A Son's Legacy
Beth Cupp | Education for Youth
Megan Witherspoon-Minter | Honoring Hannah
Brian Rauscher | Preventing Infant Deaths
Regina Hawse | Safe Housing for Children
Jeremy Miller | Providing Diapers
Rue (Ruqayyah) Mansour | educational opportunities for children
Joy Ingram | Empowering Students
Sarah Tyndall | Providing the Basics
Debi Alexander | Growth Through Education
Melanie Nelson | To be Kids Again