Aaron Vetter | Child Advocates
Matt Sorensen | Helping Children
Kathryn Seebold | Family Advocacy & Support
Melissa Golden | Raising Awareness
Christina San Filippo | Empowering Students
Scott Davidson | A Son's Legacy
Beth Cupp | Education for Youth
Megan Witherspoon-Minter | Honoring Hannah
Brian Rauscher | Preventing Infant Deaths
Regina Hawse | Safe Housing for Children
Jeremy Miller | Providing Diapers
Rue (Ruqayyah) Mansour | educational opportunities for children
Joy Ingram | Empowering Students
Sarah Tyndall | Providing the Basics
Debi Alexander | Growth Through Education
Melanie Nelson | To be Kids Again
Crystal Young | Adoption and Family
Becky Davidson | Family Support
Patricia Wigney | A Bridge to Succeed
Nyia Strachan | Healthy Choices, Healthy Lives
Ashleigh McPherson | High Quality Education
Jack Viorel | Surfing to Empowerment
Bobby Jean Harvey | Encouraging Kids to Dream
Donnalee Velvick-Lowry | To Reach Their Fullest Potential
Jaime Hansen | Supporting Families
Sister Peg Spindler, CSA | One Woman, One Family at a Time
Jen Powers | Positive Parenting
Karen Calder | Tools to Succeed
MaryLynn Hinde | Forgotten Children
Aaron Vetter | Family Empowerment
Rob Scheer | A Bag of Comfort
Ron Fitzsimmons | Unique Support
Julie Nowacki | Helping Children Pursue Their Dreams
Lisa Klein | Providing a Better Start
Suzy Cavanagh | Spreading Literacy
Kristina Wallace | Camping With Care