Child Abuse
Marc Berkman | Social Media Safety
Sonya (Sokay) Roshek | Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Amy Feath | Children of Abuse
Kristin Ludwig | Fighting for children
Jessica Dunn | Living Free of Violence
Katelyn Hart | Healing Children
Kristin Ludwig | Advocating for Children
Brandi Yanez | Preventing Domestic Violence
Alexis Romero | Helping Families Succeed
KJ Brant | Kids With Advocates
Tracy Plant | To Help Children Of Abuse
Tammy Hogan | Safe Haven For Children
Sarah Stewart | Path to Healing
Jennifer O'Farrell | Changing Futures
Carrie Hughes | A Home for Healing
Emilee Fortin | Fostering Love
Sharon Wood | Safely Moving Forward
Cal Winslow | Empowering The Future To Overcome The Past
Laurin Wheaton | Helping Victims Become Children Again
Ashlee Aurora | Sheltering Love
Celine Adair | Crushing Childhood Poverty
Steve Liga | Changing Lives Through Service
Estrella Finch | Stop The Cycle Of Abuse
Linda Perez | A Place of Peace
Trevor Umphress | Crisis Intervention
Cori Rico | Support For Abused Children
Amy Feath | Child Abuse Prevention