Healing Journey INC

The Healing Journey a trauma recovery center was founded in April 2011 out of a gap in services for victims of trauma. Estrella Fitch left her position, as a victim advocate for the County Attorney is Office and filed the paper work needed to start a non-profit. The goal has been to provide the tools necessary in healing for past or present trauma. During this journey, the realization of youth and children who did not receive counseling, life skills were at risk for falling into the juvenile justice system. The goal of the agency is to stop the cycle of abuse and prevent children and youth falling prey to drugs, gangs, and bullying. The Healing Journey has two therapist, counselors, peer leaders but most important staff that truly cares about who needs help. We provide support groups for women, children, youth, and mentoring to continue their journey of hope.

Estrella Finch
Stop The Cycle Of Abuse

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