Amberly’s Place


The Yuma Family Advocacy Coalition established Amberly’s Place in 1999 to provide an innovative, multi- disciplinary approach to the investigation, prosecution and intervention of cases of child sexual and/or physical abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse and sexual assault. Amberly’s Place is open to all law enforcement agencies operating within Yuma County. Amberly’s Place offers immediate crisis intervention, on-site medical attention, and one-time video interviews to avoid re-traumatization of victims, while providing a safe and nurturing environment. By locating those involved in the investigation and treatment of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse under one roof, the team members will be able to accomplish in hours what ordinarily takes several weeks. At Amberly’s Place, the victims tell what has happened to them only one time, to one person. Because Amberly’s Place is an extremely victim-friendly and safe environment, victims are less likely to be re-traumatized by the interview and examination process. By providing a relaxed, non-institutional setting, Amberly’s Place supports victims, helping them to more easily provide complete information with which to aid the investigation and prosecution of their cases.

Trevor Umphress
Crisis Intervention

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