Change In Action, Inc.

Change In Action Inc is an intervention service. Our mission is to promote safe and stable violence-free lives by teaching skills, modeling accountability, educating on the health consequences of exposure to trauma, and supporting individuals and families through the process of change to enhance personal well-being through the development of healthy relationships. Change in Action, Inc. values each individual as capable of change and strives to support those open and willing to work towards change in action, thought and belief. We work with Domestic Violence perpetrators after they have been arrested/charged with violence. Our goal is to stop domestic violence in our community by working directly with the violent offender. We believe by helping the perpetrator learn the skills needed to live free of violence and take accountability for their behaviors, we can save families from having to go through this again. We offer services to the entire family through our children’s program and Neurofeedback therapy to aid with relieving the stress from trauma in the household. We teach the skills needed to live a safe, violence-free lifestyle with the belief that even if a family chooses to separate, the perpetrator will not recommit violent acts in our community.

Jessica Dunn
Living Free of Violence