Arizona’s Children Association

Every day in Arizona, children face neglect, abuse and other traumatic experiences that are no fault of their
own. Arizona’s Children Association targets the future we all want to see: one in which every child
has a stable and loving home and parents & caregivers are provided the tools to create and sustain
healthy family environments. Arizona’s Children Association was founded 105 years ago in Tucson
and our first Yuma Advisory Board was established in 1915. Our programs have changed with time
but our mission has stayed essentially the same: “Protect Children, Empower Youth and Strengthen
Families.” Today, we meet the needs of the Yuma community by providing foster care and adoption,
behavioral health services, family preservation and reunification, parenting education and transitional
youth services for young adults ‘aging out’ of foster care. We maximize our resources for greatest
impact by ensuring that more than 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to providing
services (much higher than national average). These words from the Yuma Morning Sun in 1915
about our organization are still true today: “The organization is doing grand work…and it needs the
encouragement of all good citizens.”
Cori Rico
Support For Abused Children

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