Animal Rescue
Inga Janke | Alternative Therapies
Paula Snook | Equine Therapeutic Riding Program
Christina Roberts | Paw-sitive Outcomes
Karen Severns | Animal Advocacy
Cat Mathewson | Support for Pets
Laura B. Hardy | Dog Rescue
Jen Sale | A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle
Peggy Durso | Dog Rescue
Susan Luong | Caring for our Corgis
Peggy Durso | A Future for Furry Friends
Lea Brayton | Animal Welfare
Paula Rivadeneira | Rescuing Family
Anne Shroeder | Sanctuary for All
Jonah Misner | Canine Rehabilitation
Christina Roberts | Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
Amy Segally | Animal Advocates
Kim Sill | Connecting Pets & People
Christina Morgan | Mutual Passion To Help The Abandoned
Sandi Petee | Love and Shelter For Our Furry Friends
Janelle Gould | Fostering a Feline Frenzy